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Perseverance is the key to success

Perseverence is the key to success.
I have heard this quote before used in many contexts, but it has become a reality for me lately. During this unprecedented time of Covid-19 quarantine, I have been challenged in many ways. Challenged to be a good husband, a good father and a good employee. It has not been easy and it has been a heavy burden to carry.

I have struggled to maintain the balance of all these things and I have failed more drastically then when I was able to leave the house each day to separate these responsibilities physically. It has been a learning experience for me in how to control my thoughts, speak only after thinking and generally controlling myself when I get frustrated or tired.

But, it has not been all bad. I have had more time to spend with my family and that ultimately is a good thing. This season has reminded me to be more present and more involved in the day by day routine of our household. Learning to share the responsibility of looking after our children during the day and allowing my wife to focus on her own work has been good for me (and my wife). I have enjoyed this time to play with and teach my children. I finished reading "The Hobbit" out loud to my son the other night and it was so enjoyable to share my favorite book with him. He loved it and together we are talking about the themes present in the story like loyalty, courage and friendship. So awesome!

I have become a provider more so than before and it has improved my relationship with my kids. Sure, it has had its challenges (nobody enjoys listening to their kids whine, complain and fight), but they are kids. They are learning how to behave and these present circumstances are just as "un-normal" for them as it is for me. I have had to remind myself several times to cut them some slack.

Another challenging area has been my current weight loss plan. I am currently down to 229.7lbs (45 total lost) and I feel great! This staying at home process has made it a lot more difficult to be diligent in watching what I eat. It is so easy to rummage the pantry for carbs and not worry about just one more snack during the day. My weight loss has slowed down dramatically.  But, I have had a couple times during this last 90 days where I have decided to get focused again and I am currently in one of those moments. I am committed to stay the course on this weight loss plan! I can do this.

God is good and he has supported me through these last 90 days. I desire to continue to be faithful to Him and be the best Ryan I can be. I want to live a long life with my wife and kids. I am glad that I am in this season. I am glad that God is using this time to reset my mindset on what it means to be me. My heart is changing and although it has not been easy, I feel it has been worth it.

I am not sure when this season will end and it may be here for a while, but I am thankful that I have a loving God, an amazing wife and great kids to spend time with.

Onward to a lighter me!


  1. Hi Ryan~ So fun to hear your heart as you express it so well here. Love you!

    1. Thanks, Auntie Karla. I love you. Thank you for your love and prayers over the years. 😊

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Nathan. It has been a good season. I hope you guys are well. You holding up?

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