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What An Awesome Milestone

I did it! 50 pounds lost! Throughout this process of losing weight, I have learned many things about myself and my lifestyle choices. Specifically in regards to my eating habits and the general lack of care for my body. I felt ashamed at the start not only because of my obesity, but also the lack of care for one of the greatest gifts God has given me, my body. I have learned that I need to not take my body for granted, because it is the reason I am alive. I want to live and I want to be around for many more decades to enjoy this life with my God, wife, children, family and friends. Life is never guaranteed as each day can bring whatever it does, but I feel better today knowing that I am trying my best to take care of my body so I can take care of my loved ones. Today I celebrate this accomplishment and boy it is a great feeling. I really am proud of myself for hitting this goal. I still have a ways to go still, but this was a milestone that I have been looking forward to for a long tim